The Rainforest Exhibit Build

I will be posting pics of The Rainforest Exhibit from when it was being built at Custom Aquariums in Wisconsin to the final completed vivarium that will take place over the next year!
  1. Carved more of the high density foam from DUNAUSA.  My son-in-law, Jeff, helped me place it in the exhibit.  Decided to place some driftwood and faux...
  2. Playing with some driftwood and faux rocks placement.  Still have a long way to go.
  3. Placing driftwood inside The Rainforest Exhibit to get an idea of where they will be permanently.  It will take some time until I fully decide on the...
  4. Playing around with the fake rocks from Vivarium Works and driftwood from 
the Etsy Store LifeIsBeautifullUniq
  5. The False Bottom I made for underneath the land area using U200 High Density Foam from
  6. Doing inventory of everything I received from and my other suppliers... 
Faux rocks 
Driftwood from...
  7. Some of the bromeliads that we received for The Rainforest Exhibit from
  8. Driftwood from  
and bromeliad from
  9. The Rainforest Exhibit being built at Custom Aquariums in Wisconsin.  Amanda is applying silicone to the exhibit.
  10. ROUGH DRAFT of The Rainforest Exhibit without plumbing shown.
  11. The Rainforest Exhibit right after being uncrated.  Being prepped for placement on the stand.  Empty, it weighs OVER 600 pounds!!!
  12. The Rainforest Exhibit could not be easily lifted onto the stand.  I came up with a way to lift each side up to height.  I made wooden tracks to...
  13. The Rainforest Exhibit right after being placed on its stand!
  14. The Rainforest Exhibit LED light strip being tested.  this is just one set of several lighting systems we will be using.
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